Sweet Delicious Freedom

The WoW servers have officially gone down in preparation for the Legion pre-patch, and I’ve milked every possible gold out of my garrison. For the record, opening crates, shuffling items, and liquidating resources on 16 characters is pretty dang time consuming, I do not recommend it. I also made a last minute stop by Dalaran on one of each class so I could pick up all their Wrath-era PvP sets before they get locked behind a PvP currency grind again. Yeah, I dropped a few tens of thousands of gold on a bunch of recolors that I will probably never use. The river of coins flowing out of my garrison has skewed my perspective on costs. Now I’ll have to get used to hoarding my gold again until the opportunities of the new expansion present themselves. My plan is to be far too busy with other activities to try any of the get-rich-quick schemes that take advantage of the changes being put into place today. I still desperately need to figure out which character (and faction!) will be my main for the start of Legion. With one of every class except warrior at 100, I have choice paralysis.

The other thing that will definitely be keeping me busy this week is the new FFXIV patch, also happening today. As usual there looks to be a ton of great stuff in this one, most notably the new “endless dungeon” type content that my friends and I are dying to give a try. Our raid time last night got cut slightly short so we only did a couple new-to-us Alex fights, but it was still a blast and I think everyone is feeling pretty good about the game right now.

I’m a little sad that I’ll probably put off the new FFXIV stuff until at least tomorrow. There’s so much transmog to unlock and bag space to free up in WoW that I am guessing that will take most of my free time tonight. I mean, sure, the transmog system isn’t going anywhere and I could totally hang out and do fun dungeons with my friends instead, but I won’t because my compulsive brain has been waiting for this day in WoW for way too long. Hooray for freedom from garrison tyranny, hooray for pristine empty bags. If you’ve been looking forward to either of these patches, I hope you enjoy too!

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