It’s Blaugust Time Again!

It’s the first of Blaugust and that means that once again I’m going to be attempting to post something here every day of this month. Looking back on last year’s posts it is surprising to me how much my gaming habits have changed, and how much they’ve stayed the same. You can bet I’ll still be talking about things like D3, WildStar, WoW, and Final Fantasy XIV, but hopefully I’ll be mixing things up with new games too. Lately I haven’t been invested in any one game enough to attempt writing guides like I did for WildStar last year. This makes me sad, but also relieved. Those things are a lot of work!

This year I’m going to try to repeat my “Screenie Saturday” and weekly “What I’m Playing” on Sundays so my weekends don’t get too bogged down. I pledged to write every day, but this year there’s no win condition or prizes so I won’t have to stress myself out if it looks like I need to slow down or take a break. Not that I was really doing it for those reasons last time, but it is nice knowing I am doing this 100% to motivate myself and for the sense of community this time around. If you’re interested in revitalizing your blog, or even starting one from scratch, jump in and join us!

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