The last cupcake


Today is the last day for my most beloved MMO, Wildstar. I’ll be there tonight when the servers go down. It’s the least I can do, to stay in that amazing world until the last possible second.

Wildstar’s demise wasn’t really a shock to anyone, but that doesn’t make it any less sad. I spent last night wandering around the world, checking in on all of my characters, and watching the players chat with each other for possibly the last time. I was reminded that Wildstar has more character than any other MMO I can think of, and certainly more than my next 2 most-played MMOs put together.


Thayd was party central right up until death rained down upon us

I still remember the beta for this game, and how much fun we had as those servers shut down in preparation for launch. The shutdown tonight will be a bittersweet echo of that  event. I met a bunch of amazing folks while playing, and made a lot of fantastic memories. This blog wouldn’t even exist if I hadn’t gotten so excited and wanted to share my love of Wildstar with the world. Some of my favorite MMO memories are of building my housing in this game, or participating in its huge, complicated, telegraph-tastic raids.

Did you ever play Wildstar? What are some of your favorite memories? Will you be there tonight when it goes dark?

9 thoughts on “The last cupcake

  1. I did not play it, but I can imagine how sad this must feel. I´m sorry to hear it wasn´t even possible to at least keep a few servers up and running. I wish you the best of evenings.

  2. It’s a horrible experience, waiting for the server to close down for the final time. I’ve experienced it a couple of times and I hope never to do it again. I did play Wildstar a little. It never really grabbed me but I’m sorry to see it go dark for good. I hope someone, somewhere is working on a Wildstar emu. Knowing there’s an emulator, even if it’s just a project that never turns into a finished game, can really help soften the blow, I think. The Vanguard emu certainly made a huge difference to my bad feelings about the end of Vanguard and I’m still hoping the Free Realms emu project comes good.

    • I saw some folks talking about possible emulators in world chat last night. It does help a little. What I will really miss is the vibrant community and it is hard to know how much of that might trickle over once the official game is shuttered. It also helps that they gave us a huge lore post talking about what was planned for the world story/raid content. Maybe I’ll go back and write some more fanfic just to fill my need to be in that cool world.

  3. I’ve played the initiate starting zones through with both local ‘Alliance’ and ‘Horde’. The game is really majestic, I loved the inventive art, the cartoonish looks, the lore and the outstanding humor.

    Sadly I dodn’t make this very far cause of the UI. I was always struggling to cope with the mission briefings and quest logs and everything. Logging in WoW afterwards, it’s a massive relief for the eyes.

    Too bad it didn’t work.

    • The game definitely had a very busy UI. I had a hard time with it sometimes too. The dungeons and raids could be especially overwhelming. I’m glad you enjoyed the game’s looks and charm though!

  4. Of course I’d read about the shutdown but silly me had the date pinned down a few days later. Bad luck, only came home around midnight (EU) last night and had to get up early, so wasn’t really in the mood for a last look, although I might have been able to squeeze in an hour.

    Sadly I didn’t really get a good sense of community back on Lightspire (later Jabbit). Sure, there were people. I was in a guild once but it was later in the game and no bonding happened, sadly. Might have been another reason I didn’t play as much as I could (or should) have.

    It was fun while it lasted. I’m a little sad as it was the second MMO I was ever hyped for at launch. And in contrast to SWTOR I was even alone and didn’t really manage to nudge someone else than my partner into it.

    • I’m sorry you missed the final goodbye too. I was on the US RP server before the mergers, which had a great community. Luckily several guilds banded together to organize regular events and things even after the merge.

      WildStar was definitely the most hyped I’ve ever been pre-launch for a new MMO. I hope someday something else comes along to recapture some of that magic and excitement.

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