November 2018 Gaming Goals

Hey it’s November already. I only posted one update and a book review last month, which makes me sad. Let’s set some goals so I hopefully have more to talk about this month!

October Goals in Review:

WoW: Run available LFR and complete “Raiding with leashes IV”. Nope on both counts. I am so checked out of wow at this point and it happened so fast I didn’t work on any of my goals.

D3: Help Belghast get a stash tab. Nope. We worked toward it a little bit and then both wandered off. I’m close to finishing that rank of the season journey at least though.

Dragalia Lost: Finish the story. Yes!

November Goals:

WildStar: Log in for a round of farewells and if possible be there when the servers go down. I was waffling about this one, because part of me just wants to keep the good memories of WildStar in its heyday. The allure of a proper send-off was too much for me though.

D3: Finish the Conqueror rank of the season. I’m not sure if Belghast is still interested enough to do this together, but I’m so close to being done I want to at least knock it out for myself. I just need one conquest and one level 50+ augment.

??: Play something new. I’ve obviously been in a gaming funk lately. I want to pick up something new to see if it rekindles my interest. I’m still unsure yet whether this will be a MMO or something single-player.

Let’s hope that I can find something in the gaming world to get excited about this month. Who knows, maybe Blizzcon will bring me a fun, hype-worthy surprise!

*Side note: I think today is the last day (ever) of WildStar’s fantastic Halloween event. It is worth checking out one last time if you can.

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