Reading Challenge #77: The Kushiel’s Legacy series by Jacqueline Carey

Time for yet another reading challenge entry. This one took me a while, for several reasons, not the least of which is its 700+ page length. This entry is The Kushiel’s Legacy series by Jacqueline Carey. As usual I only read the first book of the series to meet my challenge goal. That was Kushiel’s Dart, published in 2001.

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Legion Bucket List

The big news today is that WoW’s Battle for Azeroth expansion will be released on August 14. That’s a bit sooner than I expected, given the September deadline they gave themselves in the preorder fine print. I’m always excited to have new things to see and do in game, even if the concept of this expansion is not one that thrills me. But what is still left to do in Legion and can I finish it before the expansion gets here?

Honestly, there’s not much left in Legion that I care about. Or at least, there’s not much that won’t still be here during content lulls next expansion. Maybe I will regret not chasing after things like the mage tower artifact appearance, but I doubt it. I like collecting armor sets much more than weapon skins. I’ve at least seen all the dungeons in some form, and all the raids in LFR at minimum. I have a vague hope that I can snag the equivalent of a friendship moose from Antorus, but if not I won’t be too crushed. I’m just starting to work toward some M+ progress, but that’s mostly for entertainment value rather than any specific goal. Some of the things I want, like a few achievements or transmog sets, are actually better off done with the extra levels and gear another expansion will give me.

So what goals do I have left before August 14?

  • Get the mount from new Karazhan
  • Do a mythic +15
  • Get at least one artifact maxed out in the netherlight crucible
  • Cap my professions
  • Get all the First Aid achievements before it disappears
  • Save up some gold
  • Level at least one of my allied race alts to 110

It’s a pretty modest list, and every single thing on it is perfectly achievable if I keep playing WoW between now and August. I’ll be curious to see if I actually do all of them or if I end up taking a break!

Do you have anything you’re eager to do before Legion is over?

For Fashion

armor sets

I’ve been adding priest transmog goals to my monthly goal lists. This is the result so far. I managed to get all of the pvp sets that are available with marks of honor. I’ve been farming them on all my alts whenever there’s a world quest up that rewards them. This week I also managed to score the boots that had been eluding me from Naxx-10, which finished off all of Wrath for me. I’m not really sure why I am doing this. A lot of these sets look pretty awful honestly. It has been fun to have a very low-key goal to work on though, and I can combine this with mount/pet farming. I’m weirdly looking forward to BfA, not for its own sake but so I am another 10 levels higher and can solo more old raids for fashion.

April 2018 Gaming Goals

It is spring! I was worried about this for a bit because there was a major snowstorm about a week ago but I think that was winter’s last hurrah. Now it is time to check in on my gaming goals for March and April.

March Goals in Review:

WoW: Finish off the TBC raid transmog sets for my priest. Done!

Level one of my allied race alts to 60. Not quite. I got my nightborn mage up into the 50s but leveling is very noticeably slower than it used to be.

FFXIV: Catch up enough to run the new raid stuff. Nope. My sub ran out and I haven’t been motivated to go back

Furnish my house. Nope.

Diablo 3: Help my friends get their murder bears. Done-ish. I helped my friends, and at last check the one who hadn’t finished only has the solo grift left to do.

Monster Hunter World: Catch up to my friends. Nope.

April Goals:

WoW: Complete all the priest transmog sets up through Cata. I’m not sure if this is actually possible in the number of lockouts I have, but it is still my next goal. As of now I only have one piece missing from Wrath, and then mostly need to fill out the Dragon Soul sets. This process is going to slow down a lot now that I’m entering the era where raids have 3+ different sets and the content is harder to solo. I did at least get a second priest up to 110 so I can farm twice as often.

Get my new mage up to 70. This is another one that I am doubtful about completing, but I really do want to get it done.

Participate in my friend Belghast‘s M+ nonsense. I think the goal is to get to +15 so we can all at least unlock the fancy weapon skin. I haven’t healed in a while so it should be interesting.

Monster Hunter World: Finish the story. Some of my friends have already finished up and left this game, and I am slowly starting to bounce too. I would like to at least finish the main story line before I go.

This is a pretty short goals list. I suppose it says something about my priorities lately. Between creative things, trying to learn a new language, and the usual work/school commitments, I never seem to have enough hours in the day. I still count myself very fortunate that I get to do so many enjoyable things!