New Beginnings

Blaugust 2015, Day 28

My new Season 4 wizard

My new Season 4 wizard

I’m writing this post at the last possible minute, in a brief break from leveling. It probably won’t end up getting posted until *technically* a day late, but since I’ve been keeping up so well with Blaugust I’m going to allow myself this one slip-up.

Season 4 of Diablo III has begun and it has been great to see so many people returning to the game. I had a blast running around doing bounties and leveling up. I’m not sure if this is new since the previous season, or if I just didn’t notice it before, but most of the low-level crafted sets have very cheap mat requirements now. It meant that even when I was unlucky for a few levels I could usually make myself some awesome gear and not worry about wasting legendary crafting mats. That’s an A+ change as far as I’m concerned.  I can’t wait to get to 70 and start tackling greater rifts again!

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