Screenie Saturday: Ephemeral Beauty

Blaugust 2015, Day 29



The end of Blaugust is only a few days away, and as far as I’m concerned that’s cause for celebration and a little sadness. It also got me thinking about some moments in MMOs that are really cool or pretty but also fleeting.

The top pic in this post is from Idyllshire in FFXIV. That game has so many amazing details that I keep discovering new ones. I was standing around chatting and it was raining. Suddenly the rain started to taper off and this beautiful rainbow appeared. Just like in the real world, it only lasted for a minute or two before the sky fully cleared and the sun came out.



This one was taken near our free company house in the Mists during the summer event. We get treated to the fireworks display from the capital city, viewed over the ocean. It was another moment where I was going about my business when I suddenly realized something beautiful was quietly happening around me.

Everstar Grove

Everstar Grove

Last I wanted to add this one from WildStar. It’s from Everstar Grove, the default starter zone for Aurins and Mordesh. I chose this one because it is so pretty, but also because as you play through the zone you see it and its inhabitants destroyed by the war between the Dominion and Exiles. At least I can always go back and experience it again on a new character!

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