Why Do I Raid?

Blaugust 2015, Day 7

The pinnacle of raiding in FFXIV before the expansion. Please ignore my corpse...

The pinnacle of raiding in FFXIV before the expansion. Please ignore my corpse…

Wednesday nights are my main FFXIV raid night. I look forward to battling various monsters, dragons, and bad guys each week. But it has been a while since I sat down and thought about what keeps me coming back for more.

I started raiding back in World of Warcraft in 2007. I was still new to MMOs, and had finally leveled a character that I was happy doing group content with: a forsaken priest. I dutifully ran dungeons and healed butts for max-level content, slowly making a name for myself and filling up my friends list. Eventually some of those friends turned out to be raiders. A couple times a week they ran off to do this mysterious raiding thing with lots of other people. Raiders had the fanciest gear. Back in the days before cosmetic options, raid tier sets reigned supreme in terms of looks. If the promise of challenging group fun didn’t entice me enough the lure of fancy new gear sealed the deal.

I’ve raided in several MMOs now, and they each have their pros and cons. There are some constants that keep me coming back no matter what universe I’m playing in. First and foremost is a great raid group. They might be great in terms of player skill, or just great people I enjoy spending time with. Ideally both! My very favorite raid experiences have been in 8-10 person raids full of excellent players who were also my friends.

Even when I’ve had great groups I’ve sometimes walked away. Raiding is most fun for me when it is challenging and when there are still more achievable goals to meet. The times I’ve taken a break are often either when there’s an encounter that just feels insurmountable with our group, or when everything is on farm and there’s no new content in sight. This doesn’t mean I run away from difficult fights, but there is a difference between a fight that feels fair and that my group is making progress on every week, versus a fight that seems to stop us cold at the same point no matter what we do.

So why do I raid? I guess the answer is equal parts friendship, challenge, and sweet sweet loot!  Do you raid too? What keeps you going?

2 thoughts on “Why Do I Raid?

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  2. I quit raiding, for the first time, just before we had Illidan down in Black Temple. Part of me was burnt out, part of me didn’t want to see it end. I don’t regret quitting then at all!

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