Shiphand Buddy: Outpost M-13

Blaugust 2015, Day 6

Welcome back to another episode of Shiphand Buddy! Today we’re exploring Outpost M-13.

Don't let that monkey steal your precious crystals!

Don’t let that monkey steal your precious crystals!

What: Stop whatever is terrifying the poor miners of Outpost M-13

When: Available at level 13

Where: Algoroc, Celestion, Deradune, and Ellevar

Gold Timers: Normal: none, Vet: 20:00

Gracie’s Run Time: Normal: 4:40 , Vet: 8:20

Shiphand Buddy Says: This is a nice quick and straightforward mission. First up is the cargo hold. Enemies will come in pairs, one to shoot you while their buddy steals a crystal. As long as you get a hit in on the thief he’ll run back toward you, so you should be able to prevent them from stealing anything. They spawn on alternating sides of the room, so use movement abilities to switch between them if necessary. One trick I use is to let the first plunderer on either side actually pick up a crystal. They drop their crystals where you kill them, so the later waves will have to move closer to the center before they can start stealing, giving you more time to deal with them. Once you’ve killed enough a mini-boss spawns. Remember you can dash to get out of his knockdown, and make use of the health packs that can spawn around the area.

Charge Locations. They spawn in the same place every time.

Charge Locations. They spawn in the same place every time.

Next you head out to the surface, where you can zero-g jump to collect all the floating charges. If you are careful you can grab all of these without having to fight anything at all. Once you have all 10, head inside and talk to the foreman there to start the next section. There are more than enough bodies to loot for datachrons for this part. Just be careful to clear around them first as they will always spawn multiple critters when you use them. If you saved enough crystals in the first part you’ll have a team of mercs who will fight their way through ahead of you, clearing a bit of a path before they eventually get overwhelmed.

When you head back outside a ship will land and spawn 2 waves of adds and then a miniboss. As a spellslinger I like to position myself off to the side before they spawn to help line everyone up nicely in my telegraphs. The miniboss himself is quite easy and once he’s dead you can head into the cave for the last section.

Big bad mother.

Big bad mother.

Inside, kill bugs, infected miners, and eggs until the queen spawns. I usually clear a little extra to give myself room to move around for the boss fight. She can be a bit of a pain but if you can keep her interrupted she can’t stun you!

Differences between normal and vet: No floating charges to gather in normal mode. The Captain Wiko event is Vet only.

I found the love bug.

I found the love bug.

Other Thoughts: If this is your first time running, or if you love adorable bugs, make sure to check out the easter egg at the end of the mission. In the last room there is a staircase on the left side. Once you’ve killed the queen, head upstairs to find the lonely lost larva for an achievement!

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