Introducing: Shiphand Buddy!

Blaugust 2015, Day 3

Join me for some great space adventures!

Join me for some great space adventures!

Welcome to my new feature this month, Shiphand Buddy! I, Gracie, will be your personal Shiphand Buddy over the coming weeks. Together we’ll go on a whirlwind tour of the 7 shiphands currently available in WildStar. This series will be a general guide, and hopefully helpful enough to ease you into this content and point out some of the tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way. The resource that I used the most while learning these missions is the series of guides at

Shiphands are one of my favorite features in WildStar. They are short (generally 30 min or less) instanced missions that can be completed solo or in a group. Each one has both a normal and a veteran mode, and they become available as early as level 6! Shiphands are worth running at least once while leveling, since they give decent xp and usually reward a nice piece of gear for your class. I usually run at least one vet shiphand per day for the daily quest since they are an excellent source of money and renown. In the veteran versions, getting a gold medal can lead to fun cosmetic rewards like pets, dyes, mounts, and housing decor, as well as useful things like imbuement items and runes.


Hit “N” to begin your journey!

While you are leveling, you can find quest givers that point you to these missions and give you an extra incentive to try them. Once you’ve unlocked a shiphand, you can queue for it from the party finder interface (default keybind “N”). Just check the box to tell it if you want to queue solo or wait to find a group. Doing a random veteran shiphand will reward you with a little bit of extra gold and renown, but usually you will want to select a specific one. The veteran and normal versions are listed separately so be sure you choose the right one!

The guides here will go over the veteran versions, with a comment at the end to note what is different from normal mode. I’m going to try to run each one at least 3 times on normal and veteran, attempting gold level completion to get my fastest run time. I have decent gear and am familiar with these instances, so your mileage may vary. Leave a comment to let me know if you beat my time!

I’ll be posting these on Tuesday and Thursday, in the order of the level they unlock. So prepare yourself, because tomorrow we blast off for adventure with the first shiphand: Fragment Zero!

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