What I’m Playing, August 2, 2015

Blaugust 2015, Day 2

To save myself some time and stress I’ll be devoting Sundays to a quick update of what games I’ve been playing for the week and any progress I’ve made. Over the past week I’ve played:

My much fancier looking level 70 wizard.

My much fancier looking level 70 wizard.

Diablo 3: I’ve been trying to get a second seasonal wizard up to level 70 before patch 2.3 arrives. Why? I don’t know. That may be the reason why so far I’m only 44.

WildStar: This week I’ve been trying to get a head start on Blaugust by running shiphands and taking lots of notes and screen shots for some guides. I also managed to save enough plat to finally buy the highest rank of riding speed. Sadly it doesn’t feel all that noticeable. On the plus side while farming shiphands I looted a second Supernova White Dye which helped me regain some of the plat I spent. I’ve also set aside a project for the month for this game. At the start of the month I took all my money and sent it to an unused alt, and I will be tracking how much I make over the month starting from 0. After playing yesterday and today I’m already up to 3 plat. I’m curious how much playtime it will take to be able to afford a CREDD, and how much I will end up with at the end of the month!

Crimzon Clover WORLD IGNITION: Last month’s Aggrochat game of the month was Astebreed, which got me in the mood for more bullet hell shoot ’em up gameplay. I honestly liked this game more than Astebreed, mostly because having a sword just felt like cheating to me.

Hatoful Boyfriend: This month’s Aggrochat game of the month. It was my pick, because it has been sitting in my Steam library for a while and I really wanted an excuse to play and talk about it. I’m going to save my opinions for the podcast for now. A note for anyone who might want to play along: I found out the hard way that this game has potential save issues. Make sure to double save each time you save or you might end up like me, staring at a screen with nothing but a pigeon picture and no way to progress 😦

Final Fantasy V: I’m participating in the Four Job Fiesta and I feel like I’m way behind. I need to spend some more quality time with this one soon.

Alphabear: This mobile bear word puzzle game keeps me entertained at the doctor’s office and when I can’t sleep at night. The $5 for infinite honey was money well spent.

Final Fantasy XIV: Where I’ve been spending most of my time this week. I’m close to being done with gear from Alexander normal mode, and am working on the esoterics grind so I can buy my weapon on Tuesday. Our Wednesday raid was plagued with computer issues this week, so I’m really hoping we can get everything to go smoothly for a Bismark Ex kill next week. Part of me wants to look for another static in addition to my current one.  I’d like to start to work on Alexander savage, but I don’t know if I will truly be able to devote the time and energy to it.

To finish up, I want to touch on Bel’s daily writing prompt from Friday: What game that you are not playing, do you still have a deeply nostalgic connection to and why?

There’s obviously a ton of games from my childhood and growing up that would fit this, but the game I want to talk about is SWTOR. Just the fact that it was Star Wars and it was really fun (once you got past the bugs) is enough to mark it as special to me. On top of that, it marked the first time I worked up the courage to join a guild full of people whose blogs I read. I didn’t know these folks beforehand, I only knew what I read in their blogs. It felt incredibly weird to apply and I was very nervous that I’d make an ass of myself. For some reason they actually let me join, and being part of that guild was one of my best MMO experiences. I made some friends that I still talk to on a daily basis and have met in real life. More importantly I got over my fear of reaching out to people whose blogs I read, and ended up joining amazing guilds full of bloggers in multiple other games! It turns out that most of us are just regular gamers who just happen to make a little extra time to share our love of gaming with the internet. Since it is Blaugust and you’re inundated with posts from dozens of different people this month, why not consider reaching out to say hi to some of your favorites?

3 thoughts on “What I’m Playing, August 2, 2015

  1. I can understand having more of one class in D3. I absolutely heart my Barbarian and I’d spin to win all day every day if I could, haha.

    Looks like you have a busy week of gaming ahead! Have fun 🙂

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