With a Little Help

Lots of people doing the R12 event leads to the best taxi trains!

Lots of people doing the R12 event leads to the best taxi trains!

Howdy friends!

I’ve been so busy actually doing stuff in-game that I’ve been putting off writing about it here. The Megaserver seems to be a success as far as I can tell. The population seems strong and I’m slowly getting used to the fact that world bosses actually get killed and the R-12 event takes 15 minutes instead of an hour. An added bonus is that the AH is much more reasonable and active and people actually come and harvest my thicket for me so I’m not completely poor all the time!

Finishing Malgrave Trail with a guild group!

Finishing Malgrave Trail with a guild group!

In other exciting news, I joined a new guild. While I have to say that Chili and Cornbread was one of the most positive guild experiences I’ve ever had, most of the awesome people that filled it have now moved on to other games. I felt incredibly guilty leaving the guild as I was holding down the fort but MMOs are social games and without people around my interest was fading fast.

My new guild is Remnants of Hope (Entity-NA). I won’t ramble about them too much in case they change their minds about me at the last minute, but I’ve been having a blast since I joined. There are always people online to talk to, and I’ve run more group content in the past week than I had in the previous 3 months because there’s always something going on. I felt relatively content just doing my dailies and playing with my house while I was alone, but now I have a full buffet of content available and I realize how much I was missing. I know soon enough the vet adventures and dungeons will become old hat, but for now I am having a blast learning everything and pew pew-ing all the bad guys like the most bada$$ of cupcakes.

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