Relaxing for a Change

Lopp villiage in Celestion

This zone is so photogenic. Oh who am I kidding the whole game is just beautiful.

I’ve had slightly more time to play WildStar over the past week. Unfortunately my fabulous guild has turned into a bit of a ghost town lately, so I’ve been looking for ways to keep myself busy solo. This weekend I worked on tying up some loose ends by finishing some quests and path missions in Celestion. While leveling Gracie I went through Algoroc, and though I had seen Celestion during beta and some on my alts, it had been a while. I really enjoyed looking at the story now that I have the perspective of seeing where things end up at higher levels.

I ran around finding all the TALES! keys and datacubes too. The stories they tell make a very different kind of sense once you know more about the big picture. I remember leveling for the first time and just starting to get the sense that the Eldan were actually more petty jerks than omnipotent gods sometime around the end of Whitevale/ beginning of Farside. But the seeds are definitely planted even in the earlier zones if you know what you’re looking for.

The other nice thing about questing in a low level zone is that it is relaxing. I’ve been doing my dailies for months now on Gracie, and I know how to get through them efficiently. I can even solo the 2 quests in Crimson Badlands that are meant for two people, as long as I’m careful. However, since I don’t have fancy raid or even veteran gear my power level has been about the same for most of this time. Any improvements have been because I got better or learned some new trick or fiddled with my abilities. Sometimes you miss the feeling of just straight-up becoming more powerful and finally mowing down your enemies. So going back to low level zones and kicking ass was silly but also very satisfying.

The game definitely feels very quiet right now. Daily quest zones are still relatively active on my server, but the low-level zones I visited were extremely quiet. I did get to help a couple people I saw struggling to solo some of the group quest bosses though. Sometimes I waffle about whether to help people with things like that, since I know some folks like the challenge of seeing if they can solo it. Usually I err on the side of helping out, and both the people I helped this weekend thanked me so I guess I made the right call. With the Megaserver merge happening this week I am hoping to see more people at all levels out in the world.

I’m going to end this with a plea. Are you still actively playing WildStar? Are you in an active guild on a NA PvE server (shortly to be the NA PvE server)? I am starting to look for a new home and would love to find someplace I would be a good fit. I’m actively playing and would like to be part of a guild that is running group content together again. Leave a comment or hit me up on Twitter!

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