Blaugust: Topic Brainstorming Week

blaugustrebornlogo2018Blaugust is off to a strong start! This week’s theme is Topic Brainstorming, to help generate some ideas that everyone can mine for posts for the rest of the month.

First I want to talk a bit about three categories of blog posts that it is useful to think about if you’re a newbie blogger. I like to mix and match different kinds of posts so I don’t burn out too much. The three main types are:

Diary: These are the easiest kind to start with. They’re the catalog of what you’ve been up to, in-game or irl. They can be as simple as a few screenshots with captions, or as detailed as the full RP write-up of what your character was thinking as they explored their world.

Dialog: The meat of most blogs. These are where you expound on a topic of interest, or respond to something you saw elsewhere in the blogosphere. Share those opinions and hopefully you’ll start a discussion.

Deep-Dive: Guides. We all love them. We should all show their creators a little love too. Writing guides and walkthroughs is time-consuming but it can be really rewarding. You don’t have to be an expert to write one, either. Your creative solution to a problem might be exactly what someone needed to help them succeed.

Now let’s brainstorm some topics for Dialog posts!

  1. Talk about the first game system you remember playing, or a favorite game from childhood.
  2. Single-player or multiplayer games? Why? What are the exceptions?
  3. What gets you hyped about an upcoming game?
  4. Do you have gaming insecurities? Something that makes you feel like a “fake gamer”?
  5. What is your gaming environment? A messy desk? A comfy sofa? What would your perfect gaming setup be?

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