March 2018 Gaming Goals

Oh, is February over already? It feels like this year is going by way too fast. I was out of town for over a week this month, so that’s my excuse for not meeting all of my gaming goals.

February Goal Review:

WoW: Do all the wings of Antorus LFR. Done! I barely remember it, because LFR is not that memorable. At least it unlocked the new story stuff in Silithus.

Get exalted with one of the Argus factions. Done! I actually finished them both!

Hollow Knight: Get an ending. Nope.  I barely picked this game back up.

FFXIV: Catch up on the new MSQ, dungeons, and raids. Partial Credit. I have caught up on the questline and dungeons, but still haven’t done the new raid stuff.

Pyre: Finish the game. Nope. Although, I still have a couple days left to do this before our game of the month podcast.

March Goals:

WoW: Finish off the TBC raid transmog sets for my priest. This is pretty RNG dependent, so I’ll count this as a win if I at least run both raids I need every week this month.

Level one of my allied race alts to 60. I unlocked all 4 available allied races, and made an alt of each. Now I just need to decide which one I want to level first.

FFXIV: Catch up enough to run the new raid stuff. I don’t feel very motivated to do this, but I would really like to at least see these once before the next patch cycle.

Furnish my house. Yes I bought a house when they were re-opened to individual buyers. Now I need to spend even more gil to make it feel a little more homey.

Diablo 3: Help my friends get their murder bears. I finished the basic season journey and got my cosmetic rewards right away, but I have a few friends who are not quite there yet. I want to make sure I help them out before I get bored and wander off until season 14.

Monster Hunter World: Catch up to my friends. This feels slightly impossible since everyone is still pushing forward. If I want to be able to do relevant things with my friends I’m going to have to try.

I finished more of my February goals than I thought. Let’s hope I can do the same thing this month!

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