November Gaming Goals

There’s a trend of folks setting various gaming goals for themselves each month. At the very least it is a way to see what I’ve been working toward and maybe create a little blog fodder so I don’t abandon this Mansion.


Level another alt to 110. I have one Ally druid at 105 so she’s probably the one that will get there first.

Get a Legendary for my Monk. This is more of a wish or a prayer than a goal, but at least I should be doing more dungeons for more chances at the drop.

Get one of the falcosaur mounts. I’m farthest on the snowfeather quests, and I think that is one that doesn’t require the Nighthold raid to complete so it should be doable.

Clear the new Karazhan. I have most of an attuned group for this, just need to find one more regular to join us and hit the ground running.


Run some strikes with my friends.


Play at least once a week. I miss this game but it is hard to make myself spend time away from my WoW goals.

Finish seeing the Arcterra content. Yup it’s been a while since I was playing regularly.

These are pretty modest goals so hopefully I’ll be able to achieve them all this month.

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