IntPiPoMo: Sense of Community

Hi friends! I just got back into town this weekend so I’ve fallen behind a bit in posting for IntPiPoMo. I did get back in time to attend Thaydfest this weekend though! For the uninitiated, Thaydfest is an amazing community-run event in WildStar with trivia, games, prizes, and tons of fun. Major thanks to Black Dagger Society for organizing, and the folks at Quantum State Radio for DJing!

IntPiPoMo 35. Thaydfest Costume Contest Winners

IntPiPoMo 35. Thaydfest Costume Contest Winners

I managed to log in just in time to participate in the costume contest, and ended up taking home the prize for Best Female Costume! The pictures I took all ended up looking bad because it happened to be nighttime in Thayd.

IntPiPoMo 36. Winner!

IntPiPoMo 36. Winner!

Here’s a better shot of my costume in daylight. The parrot has a bad habit of flying upside down.

IntPiPoMo 37. WildBall!

IntPiPoMo 37. WildBall!

After the costumes and a raffle, it was time for WildBall! This is all amazingly hand created by Katia (who also has an awesome housing addon – go get it right now if you’re interested in housing in WildStar). It was a really great feeling to hang out and watch the game and know that the entire event, all the way down to building the stadium, was all player-created. WildStar might not be everybody’s cup of tea, but I have never been part of such an amazing community in any other MMO I’ve played.

IntPiPoMo 38. Chaos in Combat

IntPiPoMo 38. Chaos in Combat. Don’t mind my cluttered UI

In another side of the community, I’ve been lamenting that Entity and Entity-2 haven’t been merged back together yet. However when I logged in to my Medic on E-2 last night I had no trouble getting a world boss group to kill Metal Maw and take care of the daily contract.

IntPiPoMo 39. Metal Maw before the chaos.

IntPiPoMo 39. Metal Maw before the chaos.

I’m looking forward to having my medic on Entity, and being able to bring her into my guild, but at least she’s not lonely over on E-2. Too bad the folks over there couldn’t participate in Thaydfest (without transferring or rerolling) though.


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