The Perks of Prestige

This weekend marked the first of WildStar’s new in-game events. For their initial event they chose to do a double prestige weekend. If you’re unfamiliar with WildStar’s currencies, prestige is gained from PvP, and can be used to purchase PvP gear, as well as generally useful things like ability points and pets. Yes, pets are useful, they make me happy, that’s useful!

Looking very good for a fresh 50

Looking very good for a fresh 50

I spent most of my time on my main, and frankly did so much PvP that I started getting sick of it by the end. I even chose the PvP version of the weekly elder gem quest just to try to force myself to participate as much as possible. By the time I burnt out, I had obtained a full set of PvP gear, upgraded half of it, fully runed including my 8-piece class set, and yes, purchased both pets and the blackhood cosmetic gear set.

After I had my fill of PvP I swapped over to my engineer, who has been lingering at level 47 for over a week now. I started out in Grimvault, but as soon as the Crimson Badlands quests opened up I hopped over there and started working on dailies. I had full rested plus a flask of R&R to reset my rested when it ran out, so the leveling went very quickly and I hit 50 before I knew it. And what did I do immediately upon hitting 50? PvP.

It turns out that even the vendor PvP gear at 50 is a huge upgrade from leveling gear. It also turns out that the engineer prestige PvP gear is one of my favorite sets in the game. So I spent the remainder of my evening doing even more PvP, and managed to finish out the event with a full set of the prestige gear for my engineer. I love how it makes you look like one of your bots, even down to a cute smiley bot face on the chest piece.

Now that the PvP event is finished, there’s still no rest for the wicked. Shade’s Eve is already upon us. I’ll be sure to let you know how that event goes once I rush home from work and check it out today!

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