Farewell to Beta

I’m a bit late to the game in getting this up since I was unable to get to my screenshots while falling asleep at my desk today at work. However last night’s beta sendoff event was so fun that there was no way I could let it pass by without raving about it to you!

Thayd was party central right up until death rained down upon us

Thayd was party central right up until death rained down upon us

I was lucky enough to be able to hang out in voice chat with some of my guildies starting from about an hour before the event was set to begin. As a prelude to the Devs’ official activities there was an impromptu dance party happening in Thayd near the crafting area. We watched Twitter and saw some of the devs posting about getting into position and starting some small antics, and we were wondering who would be our leader/tormenter for the evening. Finally a wild Grug appeared! Disguised as a wily evil rowsdower, Grug hung out at our dance party and then eventually led everyone through the city to Fortune’s Ground.

Grug Butt

I’m pretty sure at least 80% of my screenshots from the event are of giant rowsdower butts.

As the clock ticked down to the start of the event, we were delighted to see that Cougar also made an appearance, in the form of the Caretaker and eventually Evil Caretaker. When the clock struck 1am Eastern time the Devs were unleashed!!! and giant mobs and bosses started spawning. Our server was created after the end of closed beta, which meant that there were no level 50s at all to help us kill the raid bosses that were appearing on our heads. Often a boss would spawn, do a telegraphed attack and then the swarm of players turned instantly into a sea of dead bodies. Still, we brushed ourselves off and came back for more!

Even my boss pics have a rowsdower butt in them

Even my boss pics have a rowsdower butt in them

Some of the highlights of the evening were the swarms of tiny veggies attacking, the mob of animated lanterns on a rampage, Cougar dressing up as a giant adorable Lopp, and the crippling fps lag followed by the summoning of huge lines of mobs attacking everyone.

When housing decor goes horribly wrong

When housing decor goes horribly wrong

The 2 hours went by incredibly fast, especially since we were having such a fun time in mumble. Thanks guildies for staying up super late with me and making this event so memorable, and thanks Devs for giving us such a great sendoff to open beta!

I’ll leave off with the very first screen shot I took in the WildStar beta. I hope everyone had a great time, and I look forward to seeing you when the game goes live!

Hey at least it isn't a butt

Hey at least it isn’t a butt

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