Forget your fears

Over the last few days I’ve been basking in the joy of having a group of friends all actively playing WoW together. I started this expansion somewhat resigned to the idea that I’d be pugging if I was running group content at all. Now, I’m almost daring to hope to be able to put together a small casual raid group. It’s so exciting!

Part of what makes me so happy about this is that it lets me do some extra dumb things that simply would not fly in a pug. For example, the other night I ran my first mythic. Now, I’ve had a reasonable ilvl for a bit so I could have been pugging these, but I chose not to. For whatever reason, the random groupfinder is fine, but my brain gets extra stressed out by having to apply to groups in the LFG tool. Instead, I grabbed a group of friends and coerced them into running a mythic. I had to coerce, because two of them were not even geared enough to randomly queue for heroics yet. I figured we might get a boss down and then give up and swap to heroic. What actually happened is we used CC and careful pulls and finished the mythic, while only wiping a couple times. It reinforced my negative opinions about people requiring 340 ilvl to run a mythic-0, and also reinforced my love for my silly friends.

This ridiculous process was the most fun I’ve had in WoW in a very long time. What I really want to do is translate this into raiding too. We might not get a full clear anytime soon but we can use every trick we have to get as far as we can, and laugh a lot doing it. The communities feature lets us scrape together our friends from every server, so that’s what we’re going to do. Check out Bel’s post if you are on a NA server, Horde side, and want to get in on this stupid fun.

6 thoughts on “Forget your fears

  1. This week my friends and I ran a regular mythic to get our first keystones but our 5th guy wasnt on. So we decided to pug it. And we were nice and invited somebody who was I believe only 308 ilvl. That felt nice, and we cleared the dungeon easy enough as well.

    I always feel for the dps queuers. People requiring crazy high ilvls for their groups is something I can share in their grief.

    • I keep thinking that when my friends aren’t around I should try listing a group myself so I can set low ilvl requirements and ask for a slow, careful tank. I can’t imagine trying to navigate the LFG system as a DPS and constantly facing all that judgement.

  2. Playing with friends in a group is one of the things I miss the most – I can relate. Sounds like a great time, I’m so happy to hear 🙂 Do you speak on Discord too? Oh, such joyful times and sharing laughs is the best over a game!

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