September 2018 Gaming Goals

Welcome to Blogtember, when we’re all coming down off of the high of Blaugust. It’s time for my monthly look at how badly I failed my goals, and the cheerful setting of yet more goals anyway.

August Goals in Review:

WoW: Complete at least one more WoD transmog set. Done! It helps that the legacy loot updates mean that gear just pours out of the WoD raids now, and having another 10 levels means they’re way easier to solo.

Complete “Raiding with leashes IV”. Nope. But not for lack of trying. I mean I guess I could have been running ICC on 20 characters every week, and I didn’t do that. I did run it at least once a week though, and still no pet.

Level my druid through BfA. Nope! This was a surprise! I give myself half points – I did level something through BfA, just not my druid. At the last second I fell back in love with being a disc priest, so that is who I leveled first.

D3: Unlock adventure mode on a HC character. Nope. I got into act V but then BfA arrived and all thoughts of Diablo got set aside for a while.

September Goals:

WoW: Level an alliance-side character to 120. I always want to see the story on both sides, and doubly so this expansion when the two stories are so different.

Run each available dungeon on mythic difficulty at least once. I got a surprise bonus this expansion, a few friends I thought were done with WoW decided to give it a try. I want to take advantage of this bounty and try to run all the mythics before everyone wanders away again.

Run available LFR. I don’t actually know if all of the LFR wings will be available in September. I want to see as much of the raid as I can. Bonus points if I can sneak into an actual raid instead.

Complete “Raiding with leashes IV”. I’m going to keep trying this at least once a week until I get the stupid pet.

D3: Unlock adventure mode on a HC character. This is a leftover from August. I still really want to get this done, maybe once things have finally settled down in WoW I can make time.

No big crazy goals this month, just (hopefully) steady progress on things I’ve been working toward anyway.

7 thoughts on “September 2018 Gaming Goals

    • Oh I know they can be bought and traded, I’ve helped friends get some of the other pet achievements this way! At this point it’s the principle of the thing. I will earn this pet the “right” way! Plus I’m filling out all of the tier sets from ICC 10 for all of my alts while I’m at it. Fashion!

  1. I considered boosting a character to 110 to see the Alliance side of the story. I did it for Legion. I thought about it, and recalled the feeling I had seeing how the Horde was portrayed from the Alliance point of view. I was unhappy about it then, and I’m pretty sure they made us out to be even more of the bad guys. Heck, I’m not thrilled with how they are writing the Horde from the Horde side.

    • I’ve heard some not great things about how the Horde has been portrayed in the Alliance-side questing. I’m definitely happy I chose to main Horde side this expansion and have that be my first impression.

  2. I really want to experience all the stories in the game too. My To Do List for when I am old is levelling a Horde Character and one of each Class too, to see the Class Hall quests as well 🙂

    • Oh the class hall quests are really good! Legion was not super alt friendly but I still had one of each class so I could see all their stories (and get their class mounts!).

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