BfA pet battling


I’m not sure why I suddenly got back into pet battling, but I’m enjoying it. I didn’t finish many of the pet battle achievements in Legion, and now I’m considering going back. At least I should probably go and capture all the wild pets I’m missing.

I did catch every wild pet in BfA for this achievement. I really like some of the new pet models, especially the bees and butterflies. The most annoying one was the glutted bleeder. Not only is it super gross looking, but it has the “burst” ability. That makes it hard to catch, since it would rather explode and kill itself than let you capture it. I ran around in Nazmir for a while until I found one that had a different ability in that slot so I could actually catch it.

I’m not worrying about making sure all of my wild pets are rare for now. I have such a huge stable of pets that I only worry about specific ones if they have a useful or unique skill set. I do want to be able to beat all of the pet battle world quests so I can get enough currency to buy all the vendor pets and toys. There are a lot of things to spend pet charms on this expansion!

8 thoughts on “BfA pet battling

    • There’s plenty of time, I’m honestly not sure why I was in such a rush. And there’s so many different pet vendors. I keep getting cute little notes in the mail from people I’ve helped with quests telling me to come check out new pets they found!

  1. Really? Cute notes!? What say more, where how! I missed out on a lot, I guess. I’ve not captured anything yet. Congrats 🙂

    • Well I’m horde side so I’m guessing they wouldn’t be the same notes. One example was I helped out a vulpera who lost his pet cobras(???) and then afterwards he sent me a letter saying he found a weird bug and did I want to adopt it because he only keeps cobras…

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