The height of fashion

WoWScrnShot_082018_191543I haven’t had much time today to put together a post, but I don’t want to break my Blaugust streak. Therefore, please accept this screenshot of my character. I have found what is perhaps the most “me” hat in the history of hats. It may even be better than my scholar’s top-hat from FFXIV. Now I need to run a bunch of dungeons to farm the rest of this set.

9 thoughts on “The height of fashion

  1. I WANT it. Its so “Plague doctor” 😀

    Really reminds me of venetian carnival masks ^^

    (Now you need a proper weapon to match)

  2. I accept the screenshot! I get this Assasins Creed feel when I played WoW recently, not a lot, just a teeny tiny bit. One of the older versions of the game. I cannot recall which one. I used to watch hubby play it a lot. There’s just something about all the accents and story telling and different interactions.

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