Little things to love

Some BfA spoilers here.WoWScrnShot_081518_175333

This post is dedicated to some of the little things I’ve enjoyed about Battle for Azeroth so far. I already mentioned Dolly and Dot, and the adorable alpaca song, but there are so many other charming little moments in this expansion. For example, in my screen shot above, you can see Spitzy, the adorable sea slug I’ve adopted and who rides on my head. Who needs a bird when you can have an adorable sea slug friend? I never got into all the hype about Pepe, but Spitzy here? We’re friends for life.


Next up is this quest chain. I love the whole “science vs. voodoo” aspect, and the ending is sweet. The extra cool thing about this chain was getting a letter in the mail after finishing it, letting me know the whole “experiment” was successful.


Another fun quest chain here, helping out skeletal pirate trolls. Or pirate skeleton trolls? Troll skeleton pirates? Whatever they are they were great!

What have been some of your favorite little moments so far?


6 thoughts on “Little things to love

  1. I had the most fun small questline in Zandalar capital. If you go to northernmost part of the city, I believe it’s called Zoccolo, one of the traders charges you with a quest to kill a dozen of dino pests who are stealing his goods. Once you do, you follow a ghost dino only to get turned into a dino pest yourself! You can’t quit this state until you bite the said trader in his butt 🙂 The guards and spiders will keep catching you and teleporting back to point zero, sneaking is extremely tricky. And this big dino loa will keep mocking you along the way.

    • Ooooh I loved that quest! Spoilers:

      As you wander around Zandalar after you’ve done that quest you can find more trash piles and the Loa you can talk to and get some extra treasure! Such a fun bonus!

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