Dungeons on Day 1

I played a ton of WoW yesterday, exploring the new zones and slowly working my way toward the new level cap. When I got my first “go run this dungeon now” quest I was excited to see it. Sadly the character I’m leveling is in a solo guild, and the few friends I have that are actively playing wanted to wait until they finished their zone story before running the dungeon. I’d rather see this stuff with friends, so I waited.

When I eventually leveled up a bit more a new dungeon unlocked. THE MOTHERLODE!! There’s not really any story leading up to this one other than a quick conversation with Gallywix. I was a bit too eager so I decided to take my chances and pug it.

Other than on my “pug story” leveling priest, this is the first time I’ve healed a dungeon as disc in forever. Luckily the practice I got from pugging vanilla dungeons seemed to be enough for me to figure things out. In fact, healing this dungeon was a breeze. It was probably because the tank was 120 and had obviously already been chain running dungeons for a while by the time I healed them.

I don’t have any screen shots of this dungeon to post here because of course the tank chain pulled so fast I could barely keep up. The healing was easy because of their level and gear, but it was frustrating anyway. I had no clue where I was going. I didn’t have any time to look around at the instance or at the map. Nobody explained anything about the boss fights (at least they were pretty straightforward). I expect this kind of thing to happen eventually, but on literally day 1 of a new expansion I guess I was hoping for a different experience.

We all survived, and nobody was rude or anything, so I guess I should just count it as a win. Still, I want to be able to take some time, take some screen shots, and enjoy the newness of the expansion while it lasts.

9 thoughts on “Dungeons on Day 1

    • Maybe we should ask folks in the Blaugust discord? With a bunch of bloggers running together it seems more likely people will want to take screenies and make notes about things instead of rushing though. The hard part is probably finding enough people all in compatible time zones and with the right spread of tank/heals/dps who want to run the same dungeon. I’m not sure if there’s just tons of bloggers who like healing or if I just follow a lot of them because I’m a healer too!

      • It’s for things like these that we created the battle.net group πŸ™‚

        Once I have an Alliance character ready, I’ll announce there and then it’s just a matter of scheduling ^^

      • If you are on the EU side, just drop a mail to purgerofstratholme@gmail.com with your battletag and welcome aboard πŸ™‚

        Our idea with it was making a group to do group content while enjoying it, without rush.

        (Any EU players who are interested can do the same)

      • Healing was my main choice for years but there was a sudden rise in popularity, it seems, sometime near the end of MoP beginning of WoD. Since then I’ve embraced the multispec aspect of Druid and predominantly play DPS with off spec heals. I also tank, which I love to do, but only in friendly groups I know won’t be jerks If I mess up or don’t race through. xD

      • I embraced DPS a bit more in Legion, but I’m still a healer at heart. Like you, tanking for me is something I will only do with friendly groups!

      • Maybe there is some kind of psychology at play here, wanting to blog and connect could be part of the same nature, that wants to play the supportive role of a healer πŸ™‚

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