July 2018 Gaming Goals

I can’t believe it is July already. That means it is time to find out how I did on my goals for last month and make some new ones!

June Goals:

WoW: Finish at least 2 more priest transmog sets. I think this is a yes? I actually didn’t make a note of exactly what I still needed when I wrote this goal. But now I’ve finished everything from MoP except for one pair of boots from SoO.

Level the new mage to 100. Done! She’s actually 110 and ready for BfA!

Heroes of Hammerwatch: “Beat the game”. Nope. I only ever made it as far as the last boss (before NG+). Then a new D3 season started and I got distracted…

July Goals:

WoW: Finish one priest transmog set from WoD and the last one I need from MoP. The WoD raids are harder to solo but I think I can do this.

Level one allied alt to 50. It will probably be my highmountain monk. Leveling these alts when I already have 110s of every class feels sorta pointless, but the completionist in me won’t let me stop.

Figure out who my main will be for BfA. In my heart my forsaken priest will always be my main, but I haven’t enjoyed the playstyle in ages. Lately I prefer monk, but they aren’t in the best place in terms of group utility and I don’t know if that is getting better in BfA. Druid is great and always useful, but I will have to level a new one as soon as zandalari become available because DINOSAURS. I also need to decide if I am going to rejoin my alliance friends, join a new horde guild (which means rerolling on a new server again), or just go solo and skip raiding this expansion. So many decisions!

Once again that’s not many goals for the month. The really big one is figuring out my main, because it relies on answering so many other questions about how I want to play in the new expansion.

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