May 2018 Gaming Goals

Another month has left us, taking the tattered ghosts of all my well-intentioned gaming goals with it into the ether. Let’s see if they come back to haunt me in May!

April goals in review:

WoW: Complete all the priest transmog sets up through Cata. Nope, but not for lack of trying. I ran everything on two priests every week, but I’m still missing one piece from Dragon Soul.

Get my new mage up to 70. Nope. 67 is pretty close though! The new leveling experience is slow. It doesn’t feel great.

Participate in my friend Belghast‘s M+ nonsense. Yes! I missed last week due to family stuff, but otherwise I’ve been enjoying this.

Monster Hunter World: Finish the story. Nope. I checked out and fell down a Night in the Woods -shaped hole and then never came back.

May Goals:

WoW: Keep playing in the M+ nonsense group. I don’t know if we will get to +15 before BfA arrives, but we will have fun trying.

Finish all the priest transmog sets up through the first tier of MoP. This seems like a minor goal since I’m almost done with Cata, but the MoP raids have 3 sets each. Plus I think some of the difficulties are mutually exclusive in terms of loot.

Level the new mage to 75. I’m keeping this to baby steps because leveling just feels bad right now. I hope there’s another leveling catch-up bonanza like the Legion invasions as part of the BfA pre-launch.

Destiny 2: Check out the new expansion. I’ve essentially quit playing D2, but since I’ve already paid for this expansion I might as well see what it has to offer, right? Hopefully it will give me a reason to come back.

Stardew Valley: Try multiplayer. A beta version of SDV with multiplayer just got released. I haven’t played in ages but this seems like a good excuse to fire it back up and mess around with a new farm.

That’s it! Another month with very modest goals because real life is still kicking my butt.

3 thoughts on “May 2018 Gaming Goals

  1. Dungeons are still bread and butter of leveling in Outland/WotLK content. The choice is really amazing now – even if you do each of them once, you’ll be there for Pandaria/Cata step very fast 🙂

    • I’ll need to remember to queue up for them now. I’ve been doing my gaming in very small chunks lately, and with DPS queue times I don’t always have time for more than one per session. If they’re that worth it for xp then I should be prioritizing them more!

      • Yes. 0,5-1 level per dungeon. My strategy (leveling 4 allied toons simultaneously) is doing each dungeon once per toon. Then you have access to dungeon quests which also help a lot with XP.

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