Legion Bucket List

The big news today is that WoW’s Battle for Azeroth expansion will be released on August 14. That’s a bit sooner than I expected, given the September deadline they gave themselves in the preorder fine print. I’m always excited to have new things to see and do in game, even if the concept of this expansion is not one that thrills me. But what is still left to do in Legion and can I finish it before the expansion gets here?

Honestly, there’s not much left in Legion that I care about. Or at least, there’s not much that won’t still be here during content lulls next expansion. Maybe I will regret not chasing after things like the mage tower artifact appearance, but I doubt it. I like collecting armor sets much more than weapon skins. I’ve at least seen all the dungeons in some form, and all the raids in LFR at minimum. I have a vague hope that I can snag the equivalent of a friendship moose from Antorus, but if not I won’t be too crushed. I’m just starting to work toward some M+ progress, but that’s mostly for entertainment value rather than any specific goal. Some of the things I want, like a few achievements or transmog sets, are actually better off done with the extra levels and gear another expansion will give me.

So what goals do I have left before August 14?

  • Get the mount from new Karazhan
  • Do a mythic +15
  • Get at least one artifact maxed out in the netherlight crucible
  • Cap my professions
  • Get all the First Aid achievements before it disappears
  • Save up some gold
  • Level at least one of my allied race alts to 110

It’s a pretty modest list, and every single thing on it is perfectly achievable if I keep playing WoW between now and August. I’ll be curious to see if I actually do all of them or if I end up taking a break!

Do you have anything you’re eager to do before Legion is over?

7 thoughts on “Legion Bucket List

  1. Field Medic here too, want to get that done. But oh, the motivation escapes me!

    Cap professions too. Do a Mythic +15, similar to you. Get the Mounts, Pets and Toys from Legion!

    • I’m about halfway there…on a character I don’t play much anymore. I have to decide if I want to switch back to alliance to finish this, start over from scratch (ugh!) horde side, or just let it go.

      • I think it’s better to pick an alt which is halfway there 🙂 If I decide to do it, it’ll be my monk which has approx. 40-50% complete.

  2. My wife and I are back at wow after a long absence, we quested through the zones did most of LFR. We’ve been leveling alts because we don’t really know what’s worth doing.

    • Welcome back! It’s hard to find priorities in the last few months before an expansion, especially if you’re just coming back. I’d recommend finishing off LFR to see the story, and unlocking the allied races if you think you might want to play them. Their story scenarios are worth seeing even if they are short!

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