April 2018 Gaming Goals

It is spring! I was worried about this for a bit because there was a major snowstorm about a week ago but I think that was winter’s last hurrah. Now it is time to check in on my gaming goals for March and April.

March Goals in Review:

WoW: Finish off the TBC raid transmog sets for my priest. Done!

Level one of my allied race alts to 60. Not quite. I got my nightborn mage up into the 50s but leveling is very noticeably slower than it used to be.

FFXIV: Catch up enough to run the new raid stuff. Nope. My sub ran out and I haven’t been motivated to go back

Furnish my house. Nope.

Diablo 3: Help my friends get their murder bears. Done-ish. I helped my friends, and at last check the one who hadn’t finished only has the solo grift left to do.

Monster Hunter World: Catch up to my friends. Nope.

April Goals:

WoW: Complete all the priest transmog sets up through Cata. I’m not sure if this is actually possible in the number of lockouts I have, but it is still my next goal. As of now I only have one piece missing from Wrath, and then mostly need to fill out the Dragon Soul sets. This process is going to slow down a lot now that I’m entering the era where raids have 3+ different sets and the content is harder to solo. I did at least get a second priest up to 110 so I can farm twice as often.

Get my new mage up to 70. This is another one that I am doubtful about completing, but I really do want to get it done.

Participate in my friend Belghast‘s M+ nonsense. I think the goal is to get to +15 so we can all at least unlock the fancy weapon skin. I haven’t healed in a while so it should be interesting.

Monster Hunter World: Finish the story. Some of my friends have already finished up and left this game, and I am slowly starting to bounce too. I would like to at least finish the main story line before I go.

This is a pretty short goals list. I suppose it says something about my priorities lately. Between creative things, trying to learn a new language, and the usual work/school commitments, I never seem to have enough hours in the day. I still count myself very fortunate that I get to do so many enjoyable things!


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