February 2018 Gaming Goals

Another month of gaming is in the rear view mirror. How did I do on my goals, and what should I do in February? Let’s find out!

January Goals in Review:

WoW: See every Legion raid at least once, even if it’s just LFR. Nope. I’m a bit closer now. I’ve done everything except Antorus. I just need to work up the nerve for a few more rounds of LFR.

Destiny 2: Finish the Osiris storyline. Done!

Diablo 3: Finish that last set dungeon already dang it. FINALLY DONE!!!

Horizon Zero Dawn: Start playing the new DLC. Technically done. (I started but didn’t get very far)

Hollow Knight: Get to an ending. Nope. I mean I’m at the last boss maybe? But haven’t been able to defeat it.

February Goals:

WoW: Do all the wings of Antorus LFR. This will finish off my leftover goal from January.

Get exalted with one of the Argus factions. I haven’t done the math, but hopefully it is possible to do this in one month. I’m revered with one, and honored with the other for now. I want to get at least one finished before I preorder and start thinking about allied race alts.

Hollow Knight: Get an ending. This is one of those things I just need to throw a few dedicated hours at. I am technically at an ending, but want to upgrade my nail one last time before beating my head against the boss fight any more.

FFXIV: Catch up on the new MSQ, dungeons, and raids. As I noted earlier this week, I’m still a few ilevels away from being able to run the new raids. A month should be plenty of time to get caught up.

Pyre: Finish the game. This is my pick for the Aggrochat game of the month, so I should probably finish it before we record that show.

Will I get any of these things done? Who knows!!

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