Elf Nostalgia

As if the RoboSquids project wasn’t bad enough, I’ve gone and started some additional nonsense. I guess this happened because I was in the mood for some WoW nostalgia, but we couldn’t get the RoboSquids together to run a dungeon. Instead, one of my squid-conspirators and I randomly rolled up even more new characters and started leveling. This time around it’s not so much a coherent project with rules as it is a means of scratching the nostalgia itch. I took my freshly-minted blood elf warrior and started leveling through the starting zone with no heirlooms. I sent myself some larger bags because there’s nostalgia and then there’s pointless suffering, but otherwise I’ve been trying to pretend it’s 2007 and I’m starting from scratch again.

I suppose if I wanted maximum nostalgia I’d be leveling a paladin, since that was my first real main all those years ago, and my first character to level 70. Running everywhere on foot, chasing down lynxes for their pelts and getting distracted by copper nodes is enough to spark plenty of good memories even on the “wrong” class. My belf pally wasn’t my first character but it was the first one that stuck, the first one I ran a dungeon with, the first one that joined a guild. Since those days, I’ve become a very different person and the game has changed drastically too. But those TBC starter zones are still locked in a mostly-pre-Cataclysm limbo that lets me travel back to that time for a few hours.

I don’t know how long this mini-squids project will keep my attention. I still have goals in Diablo 3 and FFXIV that are waiting, and very soon Destiny 2 will be here and vying for all of my time. I do know that I am going to keep enjoying this nostalgia trip while it lasts.

2 thoughts on “Elf Nostalgia

  1. Have a good time 🙂 I entirely understand you.

    Hah “because there’s nostalgia and then there’s pointless suffering”. Heirlooms makes such a difference, it’s nice to get rid of them.

    Whenever I level, I want to be nostalgic too; I try to go to zones where the difficulty is a tad tougher.

    But yes, Cataclysm changed the world as we know it, except for those few starter areas. Enjoy 🙂

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