May Gaming Goals

Holy moly how is it May already? I need like 3 filler months to get things done before June gets here.

Last month I set up some really modest goals and then didn’t do any of them. Why do I even bother? Oh right so I can look back and laugh at how I thought I could remotely predict how I’d spend my gaming time in any given month.

April Goals

FFXIV: Do the new Hildebrand quests. NOPE. I started them. I think. It’s super hard to be motivated to do these when there’s no trials associated with them this time around.

Finish the umbrite step of the anima weapon for my SCH. NOPE. Hell I still haven’t finished the aether oil step. I have only really been logging in for raid night. I guess I did say I wanted to prevent burnout before Stormblood…

WildStar: Play once a week. NOPE. So much shame. I love this game but it’s increasingly difficult to make it mesh with my playtime.

Mobile Games: Find a replacement for JMV. NOPE. I played some alphabear for about 15 minutes and that’s the extent of my mobile gaming for the month. I also played FFXV just so I could get a JMV fix. Please send help (or suggestions of mobile games that might scratch the JMV itch).

May Goals

FFXIV: Get enough scripture to buy a weapon, and get it upgraded. I have the micro tomestone or whatever it is called laying around but I don’t have enough Rowena’s tokens to purchase the weapon and I should fix that. Still haven’t decided if I want the SCH or AST version though.

Finish the aether oil step of the anima weapon. If I keep lowering the bar maybe eventually I’ll trip over it and get something done.

Diablo 3: Complete the season. I’ve never actually completed every step of the season journey. This time around I’m pretty close, with 3 conquests done and mostly some speed run stuff to do. This is ambitious because my interest in D3 is on the wane.

WoW: Level one more class that I don’t already have at 110. I got my pally and warlock up in 2 weekends so this should be doable. I’m not sure what class I care enough about to level next though.

In April I thought I’d be spending lots of time in FFXIV doing last minute housekeeping in the lull before Stormblood. Instead I played a ton of Diablo and WoW. Sometimes I think the process of setting these goals curses me to lose all interest and move to entirely different games. Ah well. May is a new start, maybe this will be the month I actually meet all my goals!


5 thoughts on “May Gaming Goals

  1. I kinda did the same thing. Thought I’d be doing a lot of housekeeping, making a bunch of 50, 52, 54, etc HW armor for caster and monk so I could level RDM and SAM from 50 to 60 in good order, but….

    Mostly been playing a lot of Civ6 and Pillars of Eternity.

    • I had grand ideas about leveling more jobs so I could clear out my inventory but there’s no way. I should really poke at Pillars of Eternity some more though, thanks for reminding me 😀

      • Iv’e gone through with a completely custom party this time, plus I’ve been doing the expansion packs. Custom part of min/maxed characters…. it’s been a LOT easier this time than back when I was 1st playing when it released.

        I also use the IE Mod — — and have turned off friendly fire. That makes targeting spells so much nicer…… And I also made it so all spells are per encounter rather than per rest. That helps a ton too.

      • And FWIW… I also used a “min/max your characters” guide, which also makes a huge difference. some things are kinda counter-intuitive, but… they really work. Things like:

        On your 2 tanks, dump all Might and Dexterity. Cap out the 3 “spellcasting” stats of Will, Intelligence, and Perception. Any remaining points in Constitution.

        Wait what? Fighters without Strength?!?!?! And with maximum CASTING stats?

        But that’s just it — they’re there to keep the mobs away from your squishy damage dealers, and this is done via position and engagement, not by doing damage to gain aggro, so you don’t need a high Might score to do damage with. And you’re wearing plate armor so you swing slow anyway, so why not dump dexterity and swing even slower? Whereas the “casting” stats also happen to be defensive stats so capping them out makes you well nigh un-hittable. My tanks almost never even get scratched — they just hold the mobs in place and the 4 in the back take them all out. Works REALLY well.

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