January 2017 Gaming Goals

Let’s see how I did with my very modest December goals, shall we?

December Goals


Clear Trial of Valor: Yay we did this! I’m lucky to have a raid team that I still enjoy playing with and that seems to be making reasonable progress. Also bonus rainbows.

Level a hordie alt to 110: Technically I finished this on January 2, but I’ll call it a win anyway. My horde priest is now at 110 and can go back to being abandoned as soon as I finish her order hall campaign.

Complete the new raiding with leashes and get my starbunny pet: Nope. I’m still missing a couple pets from ICC and I didn’t run it once the whole month. Whoops.


Get my connection issues resolved and play some strikes with my friends without getting disconnected: Well I got part A of this down, but never ran any strikes. Half of a goal is better than nothing I guess?

Get my light level up above 310: I did this and then some. Hooray for sparrow racing league!


Play at least once a week: Nope. I can’t tell you how sad this makes me.


Beat Diablo 2 in time for our Aggrochat game of the month podcast: Nope. I gave up partway into act 2. Some games are better left in the past.

January  Goals


Get that starbunny pet. I’m super unmotivated to work much on my main now that I got my 5% healing boost, so I should have plenty of time to finish this.

Diablo 3

Get all the cosmetic goodies from Season 9. Yay new pet!

Get all the goodies and achievements from the Diablo anniversary event. I’ve been looking forward to this since it was announced and I’m annoyed it didn’t start on the 31st! I want to play in glorious retrovision!


Run some strikes with friends. Same goal as last month. I’m super casual about this game but it is definitely more fun with friends.

Justice Monsters V

Clear the normal quests on Master difficulty. I’m so sad they are pulling the plug on this game in March. Before it disappears I want to try to get through as much as I can.


Play once a week. I’m gonna keep putting this on the list because I love WS and I really do want to play it. If I can just get over the “returning to a MMO inertia” I know I’ll enjoy myself.

That’s it for January goals. I’m trying to keep them modest again because I find if I have too many goals I get overwhelmed and end up accomplishing nothing. Here’s hoping this is the month I finally get back into WildStar!

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