How to get to invasions in a hurry

I know I said I wasn’t going to do any guides this Blaugust, but I guess I lied. There’s enough folks wondering how to quickly get to the demon invasions that I figured I’d put together a quick guide. This accounts for both Horde and Alliance paths and portals, and has optional extra speedy options for specific classes. For the purposes of this guide I’m assuming you have set your hearth to your faction’s shrine in Pandaria for easy access to most portals. If you don’t yet have your hearth set there, make friends with a mage and get yourself a portal because some of these locations are a bit out of the way otherwise. Or better yet, just go roll a mage because they’re pretty great.


Alliance: Port to Stormwind just fly southwest. It’s not even worth grabbing the flight path to Sentinel Hill.

Horde: Port to Orgrimmar, take the zeppelin to Stranglethorn Vale, fly north to Westfall. If you really don’t want to wait for the zep you can take the portal to the Blasted Lands and fly northwest from there, but it is slightly longer.

Horde Mages: If you don’t feel like waiting for the zep, you can port to Stonard and fly west from there.

Dun Morogh:

Alliance: Port to Ironforge, walk out the front door.

Horde, with increasingly silly options: The fastest path requires you to have unlocked the portal to Twilight Highlands. You can fly due west from there. Otherwise you’re looking at a long flight from either Stranglethorn (via zeppelin), Blasted Lands (portal in Org), or Stonard (mage portal) to Searing Gorge, then north to Dun Morogh. If you’ve unlocked it you can also take the incredibly awkward pathway via Vashj’ir portal, seahorse to the flight path, to Searing Gorge, but if you’ve got that you probably have the Twilight Highlands portal anyway. If you’re extremely bored and have one laying around you can also try using a Direbrew Remote to go to blackrock mountain and fly north from there. All of these paths leave something to be desired but they will get you there, eventually.


Alliance: Portal to Ironforge from the shrine, then hop a flight to Arathi Highlands and head west. Death Knights can also death gate and hop a flight from Acherus instead to save a little time. Aerie Peak is a nice close flight point.

Horde: Portal to Undercity and hop a flight to Tarren Mill directly.

Mages of either faction: Use your Ancient Dalaran portal to go directly to Hillsbrad. Just have your feather fall button ready! For the unaware, this teleport spell is found in the last room of Scarlet Halls (normal or heroic), after killing the last boss without letting him burn any books. It is on a shelf to the left of the door. The portal version is sold by the mage vendor in Dalaran once you have learned the self-teleport version.


Alliance: Portal to Stormwind. Take the Hyjal portal from there and fly southeast from Hyjal to Azshara. If you haven’t unlocked the Hyjal portal yet, portal to Darnassus, hop a flight path to Ashenvale and then fly east, or if you are a druid teleport to Moonglade and fly from there.

Horde: Portal to Orgrimmar and head out the back door to Azshara.

Northern Barrens:

Alliance: Once again the Hyjal portal is your friend, otherwise you’ll be flying for a long while from Darnassus.

Alliance Mages: Teleport to Theramore and laugh at the poor suckers flying all the way from Hyjal.

Horde: Portal to Org or Thunder Bluff and catch a flight straight to the Crossroads.


Everybody: Portal to Dalaran. In the Kirin Tor tower there’s a portal to the Caverns of Time. Take it and you’ll be in Tanaris.

(edit) Thanks Mister Smath for the reminder about engineer gadgets:

“Gnomish Engineers can craft the toy “Ultrasafe Transport: Gadgetzan” for a quick trip to Tanaris. Goblin engineers have “Dimensional Ripper: Everlook” for a quick trip to Winterspring then a short flight to Azshara.”

Do you have any other suggestions for getting around Azeroth in a hurry? Share in the comments and I’ll be happy to update this list!


2 thoughts on “How to get to invasions in a hurry

  1. Gnomish Engineers can craft the toy “Ultrasafe Transport: Gadgetzan” for a quick trip to Tanaris. Goblin engineers have “Dimensional Ripper: Everlook” for a quick trip to Winterspring then a short flight to Azshara.

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