An Expensive Mistake

I took a break from the land of demon hunters last night to…play a demon hunter. Yeah, I forsook WoW and the promise of easy ilvl 700 gear for all my alts to play some Diablo 3. I’ve officially reached the point in the season where I have all the pieces of gear I need, and now I’m on the very long tedious path towards finding ancient, optimal versions of everything. It is a slow climb from here on out, and squeezing every ounce out of gems and enchanting will matter.


That’s a lot of work. The despair part is accurate.

One of the ways D3 lets you upgrade is by “augmenting” your gear. This requires that the piece of gear in question be an ancient legendary, the kind with a shiny gold border around its item description and higher stats than normal. You augment it by placing it in Kanai’s Cube, along with some gems of your choosing. One leveled legendary gem and 3 flawless royal gems to be precise. The legendary gem must be level 30+ to augment a weapon, 40+ for jewelry, or 50+ for armor, and the higher the level the more powerful the augment.

Last night I did a bunch of rifts with fellow Aggrochat friends Bel and Thalen, and poured all my gem upgrades into an unused legendary gem so I could get it to 50 and upgrade my pants. I was gonna have the fanciest pants of them all! I did one more rift than I reasonably should have, putting me a bit past my usual bedtime, but damn it I wanted my fancy pants. I finally got that legendary gem up to 50, grabbed the mats I needed out of my stash, and ran over to the cube to make my fancy pants.



Then this happened. In my haste to upgrade my pants and run to bed, I grabbed yellow gems from the bank. I’m used to playing a mage, and more than once I’ve accidentally put a yellow gem into my gear before realizing that no, demon hunters don’t care about intelligence. It doesn’t help that the in-game recipe tells you that you need 3 flawless royal gems, but doesn’t remind you that specific colors of gems grant specific stat bonuses and maybe you should use the green ones, idiot demon hunter. And so this is how after hours and hours of work, I ended up with demon hunter pants with 250 bonus intelligence.

The moral of this story is probably something about not finishing expensive projects when you’re overtired and not paying attention, measure twice cut once and all that jazz. Otherwise you might end up with shitty pants.

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