Bugs and Dragons

ffxiv_08082016_214338Last night was our weekly foray into raiding in FFXIV. I admit I was dreading it a little bit, not because I don’t enjoy our raids, but simply because I’ve been so engrossed in Diablo 3 that I didn’t want to tear myself away. Luckily, only a few moments in raid reminded me how much I love FFXIV and my awesome raid team, and all thoughts of hunting demons were driven from my mind for a few hours.

We started the night working on Ravana EX, which we had attempted a little bit at the end of last week’s session. We had an amazing first pull that almost killed him, then a little bit of stumbling, and then finally we murdered the big bad bug. It was a classic first kill, with folks dead and the remaining people desperately trying to finish him off in the final seconds before he enraged. This win was so satisfying, because this is where we left off back before everyone wandered away from the game last time. I can’t wait to keep pushing our way through ever more ridiculous dances.

Speaking of ridiculous dances, after we murdered the bug we went all the way back to Final Coil so we could complete those fights for a few folks who had missed out on them last time around. Hardcore raiders who did these fights when they were current were probably weeping somewhere while we flailed our way through most of the fights without remembering the mechanics, trusting our unsynched gear and crying healers to carry the day. It was an absolute blast, and I was so glad that we managed to clear the whole thing last night, even if we did go over our raid time by a few minutes. It was totally worth it!

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