Blurry Weekend

DHseason7Diablo 3 Season 7 is off to a pretty fantastic start. I’ve had relatively bad luck with my gear this time around, but it doesn’t seem to matter in the slightest. All the classes seem to get a huge power spike once they get their 6 piece set bonuses, but demon hunters always seem to feel it more in my opinion. I am currently farming TX rifts with no problems, even though I still don’t have either the weapon I need or the cubed weapon I need for my set, and at least one of my rings is still level 61.

My biggest concern for now is simply whether I will even bother with the rest of the season at this point. I got the pet and 2 of the portrait frames, but the stash tab is still a long way away. If I stop now this will officially be my shortest season ever. There’s quite a lot left to do and if other games weren’t about to become incredibly distracting I would definitely have a few more weeks at least of Diablo fun left ahead of me. This season’s conquests are pretty reasonable, and I know from experience I can manage greater rift 45 without set bonuses and leveling 3 gems to level 65. The season journey this time around is asking for quite a bit in the way of upgrading ancient legendaries, which means spending a lot of time grinding even more gem levels for this recipe. Grindy, but not difficult.

Not only is the journey not too difficult, but what’s left is mostly doable solo just in case the crowds die down tomorrow when WoW’s demon invasions start. Maybe this will be the season where I do a slow casual burn over the next couple months, and still get things done before the end.

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