Long Time Coming


Once upon a time I used to do “hardcore” raiding in WoW. The best parts of that time were during the Lich King expansion, and the very very best was Ulduar. While we were raiding Ulduar, the shards for the healer legendary were funneled to our holy paladin. I got a couple from the rare times he wasn’t there. I was so excited and so jealous when he finally finished the quest and got his hammer, after weeks and weeks of us working together as a team to clear Ulduar. Then, as is usually the way of these things, that pally took a break from the game not long after getting this prize. He came back at least, but Ulduar was around for such a relatively short time that we never finished a second legendary. I spent the rest of the expansion being jealous of the shiny bubbles that came from this mace.

I had ventured back into Ulduar a bit after that expansion ended, chasing fragments and the mount. But I never fully put my mind to finishing this thing until recently. At long last, I completed it this week. This legendary didn’t have nearly as cool a quest line as Shadowmourne, but it will always hold a special place in my heart. I’m glad I can finally call it mine.

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