WoW 7.0 Highs and Lows: Class Changes

Oh right, there’s actual gameplay changes, not just transmog and new healthbars.

I’ve only gotten a few characters into “fighting shape” since the patch, and overall I’ve been surprisingly okay with the changes.

Priest: I heard worrying things from beta about disc healing in dungeons, and they seemed true in practice. I tried healing some timewalking and it felt very difficult and not very fun. On the other hand, I did some LFR and raid healing as disc was incredibly fun and pretty darned effective. Shadow felt mostly like shadow should feel, with a few different buttons and the sad loss of devouring plague. I enjoyed it, but would still like to lobby for the return of the shadowform toggle, because I miss actually being able to see my character. Priest was my main for many years, and I’m strongly leaning towards making it my main again for this expansion. If I end up maining a priest in Legion I might have to learn how to play the dreaded holy spec if I want to do dungeons though.


Sometimes I miss when my druid was a cow, but I admit this transmog looks super nice on this troll



Druid: I healed and (feral) DPS’d a few rounds of LFR, and druid felt relatively unchanged. It didn’t feel fun and new and exciting, but it didn’t feel nerfed or warped beyond recognition either. Even in my crappy Tanaan gear I kept up with healing numbers and in a reasonable place on the DPS meters. I suspect I might notice the changes more when I try boomkin, but for now druid still feels like it is comfortable and in a good place for me.






Sure, this mage would look at home on a box of lucky charms, but that won’t stop him from setting you on fire.


Mage: Frost also feels pretty unharmed by the patch, and I continue to enjoy it. I also tried out fire and arcane on a baby mage alt. Fire felt much more exciting. The new graphics really pop and feel satisfying. Arcane continues to be silly good in low level dungeons, and more fun than I remember it being for me in a while. I even like the fake pet arcane can talent into. I named mine chip. Mage is also a strong contender for main in Legion, if I can make peace with a class that has no healing spec.




Hunter: This class had the most major overhaul. First up, survival is now off the table for me because I’m not interested in hunter melee dps. If I want to melee I’ll go be a kitty or something, hunters are for shooting things in the face and collecting cute pets. I have not tried marksman spec yet, so I can’t comment on it. Beast mastery feels different enough that I’m still struggling with it. I can’t say I like it any more or less than I did before, it just feels different. I’m not a fan of the changes to pet survivability though. Having to remember to swap pet spec for normal soloing doesn’t feel great. Finally, WTF happened to aspect of the cheetah? A huge cooldown on our movement ability? This change feels awful.

It looks like I’ve managed to narrow my options for Legion main down to Priest or Mage, unless one of my lesser-played classes manages to knock me off my feet in the next couple of weeks.

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