We Killed Voltron

Our group in FFXIV has been slowly working our way through raid content together. This week we finally got through the 8th boss of the Alexander raid. It is the kind of boss our team excels at, with enough chaos that everyone has to think on their feet. Also, as always, the music in that fight is just flat out amazing, blending together the other themes from Alexander but also managing to be its own unique sound. Basically I admitted that the first time through I was barely remembering to heal because I was too busy listening to the music.

Alex 8 finish

That’s me, always super professional, but more importantly, super fashionable.

After that success we decided to finally go back to kill Ravana EX. Unfortunately for us, it had been so long that most of us forgot the very specific dance required on that fight, and since we had less than a half hour left in our raid time we didn’t manage to kill it. We did get far enough that I’m positive we’ll get it quickly next week.

I love that we got our raid group back together, and I love raiding in FFXIV more than any other MMO recently. Somehow I still can’t quite make myself get too invested in the game outside of raid time. One of my goals for this Blaugust is to spend more time in FFXIV outside of raids. At a minimum I still need to try Deep Dungeon, which all my friends are raving about. Maybe I can finally finish leveling my astrologian that way.

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