D3 Season 5 is Coming

What a difference just a couple days can make

Last season’s look

Diablo 3 for me is a very relaxing way to spend an evening. The changes in the game since the Reaper of Souls expansion released have been hugely positive for my enjoyment of the game, and the addition of “Seasons” has made it far more evergreen. That’s why I’m super excited that season 5 is starting up this Friday. This post is all about the reasons why you should be excited too.

Everyone with any interest in D3 will be playing again for a little while. D3 can be enjoyed solo or with friends (or strangers!). If you are the sort who prefers playing with others, or if you just like having people around in-game to chat with, a new season will deliver. Some folks are planning to accomplish as much as possible and will be online and ready to go as soon as the season starts, but even very casual folks will be enticed back to check out the new goodies over the next couple weeks. The start of a new season means D3 is going to be as full of friends as it can possibly be.

There’s a level playing field for new folks and veterans. Been thinking about taking D3 for a spin but annoyed that playing as a noob when your friends have maxed-out characters is really unsatisfying? Or just want to switch to a wizard but feeling bad about all the time and effort you spent grinding gear for your monk? A new season wipes the slate clean. Everyone will be starting from scratch on Friday, at level 1 with no paragon levels, gear, or gold. It is a great time to play with others and not feel like you’re behind, or to try out a new class.

New content livens things up. My D3 playstyle has been to level and play a ton when a new season launches, and then just casually hop in once in a while after a month or so has passed. Part of the reason why it still feels good to come back and get invested again is that there’s new content to discover each season. This time around I’m especially excited to try out the new set dungeons, special challenges that become available when you equip all of the pieces of a class set of armor. Most of the time I pick one build and stick with it for the season, but I can see this addition might get me to try out lots of new things just to play with every set.

Cosmetic rewards are always cool. Every season brings new cosmetic goodies, from character portrait frames to pets. Sometimes there are even cross-promotional rewards, like last season’s HotS mount, although I’m not aware of anything like that for Season 5. Completing a basic set of tasks like leveling to 70 and completing rifts and bounties will unlock the main rewards. If you want extra bragging rights, you can aim for additional challenges that reward fancier versions of the season’s portrait frame. This time around you are also guaranteed a full set of class armor for one class for the season. That should make getting hooked on the new class dungeons a breeze.

So that’s my blatant attempt to convince you that you should hop back into Diablo 3 this weekend. My goals for this season are to top my best solo greater rift from season 4 (rank 45), and to at least attempt all of the class set dungeons for Wizard. I really want those beautiful wings for beating all of the class set dungeons (for every class), but that seems like more of a long-term project. Why not join me for some demon-slaying fun?

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