Ups and Downs

This first week of Free-to-Play has certainly had its highs and lows.

This was relatively mild for Entity

This was relatively mild for Entity

On the one hand, it makes me positively giddy that there are so many people who want to play WildStar. On the other hand, all that interest has translated into some major problems for WildStar’s megaservers. After struggling for days with lag and queues on my main server, I finally gave up and rolled an alt on Entity-2.

It is worth making the switch

It is worth making the switch

Entity-2 has been a pleasant surprise. It feels a bit like the game shortly before the F2P launch – there’s always people around but nowhere near the mob on Entity. One big difference from that time is that the low-level zones are bustling again now. There always seem to be people looking for groups to kill bounty board targets and the like. Dungeon and PvP queues are cross-server, and even as a DPS I’ve had really short (~5-10 min tops) queue times.

If you are new to WildStar or coming back as a free player without a lot of social ties I would strongly encourage you to choose Entity-2 or Jabbit-2. The play experience is much better there for now. If you have friends you want to keep in touch with you can always “account friend” them and you should still be able to chat. For veteran players, if the crowds are getting you down I would encourage you to transfer or roll an alt on the new servers as well. As a bonus, making some alts there will let you keep a few extra character slots when the servers get merged again!

It is hard to believe we’re only one week into this Drop. The congestion-based issues seem to be improving a bit every day, so hopefully soon they’ll be nothing but memory. With a little luck the revitalized crowds will still be around to see the game in its best light.

One thought on “Ups and Downs

  1. Attempted a vet dungeon last night, and while we didn’t finish (due to folks re-learning classes and gear and runes), we didn’t hit any major lag. A few folks ran a Vet Adventure afterwards, however, and the lag boss came back. I’m hoping it’s more like our dungeon experience for lag going forward, lol. I might have to roll up a toon on Entity-2, though, just to have less lag.

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