What I’m Playing: August 23, 2015

Blaugust 2015, Day 23

Getting ready to take the plunge to Ohmna.

Getting ready to take the plunge to Ohmna.

I might have just called this post “WildStar WildStar WildStar” since that’s pretty much what I’ve been up to this week. I guess I did get a few other things squeezed in too.

Final Fantasy XIV: The Monday team has started working on the extreme version of Ravana. We’ve seen the whole fight now so it is just a matter of time until we kill him. Sadly my Wednesday team was still missing folks, and we weren’t able to get anything together at all. The good news is that everyone should be back this week, so hopefully we can get everyone caught up  and start working on Ravana EX also.

Diablo 3: I managed to get my seasonal wizard up to level 63, mostly by playing while we were recording Aggrochat last night. I’m not sure I’ll have time to get her to 70 before the season ends tonight though.



WildStar: I’ve spent a lot of time leveling my engineer. She’s level 39 now and still going strong. Also this week, my guild added a third raid night. Luckily it is actually a night that I can attend without having to leave early or feel like a zombie the next morning, Hooray! On the first two nights we managed to clear everything up to Ohmna, and on Friday we got one look at her before the end of the night. Since a few folks already had the title for killing her, I hadn’t realized that this was the first time everyone had seen her as a guild group. Congrats Remnants of Hope, with any luck you’ll get that kill tonight!

Hatoful Boyfriend: Ok this one is a slight cheat. I haven’t actually played this game much this week, but I have watched several playthroughs on Twitch and continued to evangelize about it on Twitter. I can’t wait to talk about this one on the podcast.

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