Leveling Again

Blaugust 2015, Day 21

Farside is so very photogenic.

Farside is so very photogenic.

This week I somehow got motivated to level my engineer. She had been languishing at around level 31 for months. I still log into my alts regularly, they farm low-level mats and act as auction house mules mostly. The urge to level this one came partly from being finished with my weekly quests a bit early, and partly because I got sick of not being able to mine some of the higher level nodes that appear on her mining plug. It also didn’t hurt that she was the highest level alt I had laying around.

One year ago if you had asked me what order I would level my alts, I would have probably said esper, then medic, engineer, stalker, and finally warrior. I definitely would have thought that I’d have at least one or 2 of them at 50 by now. That it has taken so long is partially a testament to how happy I’ve been just doing the end game content, and partially because WildStar hasn’t been my only MMO for the past year.

Your first introduction to the Strain.

Your first introduction to the Strain.

The best part of this process has been the realization that I get to do all of the Drusera story instances over again. I was super excited to unlock the first one at level 35. When the next one became available at 37 it surprised me, I had forgotten how many there were and when they each unlock! The first one is your introduction to the Genesis Prime, while the second instance is the first time we see the Strain. It reminded me of how excited I was when I saw these last year, and how grossed out I was by the Strain. It has been so much fun following Drusera around again, although I may have some snarky commentary for her now that I know the events of Blighthaven and the Defile.

Even if I get this alt to 50 before the next drop, I probably won’t do too much yet. So many things are changing that I don’t want to invest too much effort just to have it all reset. For now I’m just having a blast leveling her, shooting enemies with a really huge gun, and watching the silly faces the engineer bots make!

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