What I’m Playing: August 16, 2015

Blaugust 2015, Day 16



It feels like every week I’ve been doing this feature I’ve been playing fewer and fewer games. Here’s my rundown for the week:

Diablo 3: Barely touched this one at all. The end of the season is looming ever closer, and at this point I doubt I will care enough to finish leveling before August 23.

Final Fantasy V: I really want to complete the four job fiesta but I keep running into walls. The clock is ticking on this one too. Hopefully the charitable cause will motivate me to get this one done.

Final Fantasy XIV: Not a lot of new and exciting things happening here this week. Both of the groups I raid with are now at about the same place, having killed Bismark EX and the first 4 parts of Alexander. I’ve still got another week to go before my Wednesday group is back up to full strength, so I feel like I’m in a bit of a holding pattern. I can’t wait to start trying Ravana EX with both groups.

WildStar: I did some more raiding this week, and had a great time! I’ve also started working on PvP contracts just to change things up. Expect a post about that soon! This week I also spent literally all my platinum in order to upgrade my pistols to ilevel 74 ones from the auction house. No regrets, those things are amazing!

Twine: Ok this isn’t so much playing a game as messing around with a game-creation engine. I got an idea in my head for a game and started poking at Twine to see if I could turn it into a reality. I’m not sure anything will ever come of it, but it has been really fun learning and trying to make things work!

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