What I’m Playing: August 9, 2015

Blaugust 2015, Day 9

I had hoped that talking about what I’m playing once a week would inspire me to play more games, or at least mess around in a few different games. No such luck this week.

These bears just get me

These bears just get me

Alphabear: I’m stalled out at chapter 4, mostly because I have to wait for some of my better bears to wake up before I can beat the daily levels and unlock the boss. I still love this game and play it daily.

Diablo 3: Got my wizard up to level 50. Not really a huge change from last week. I really need to push if this is going to happen before the new stuff arrives.

Hatoful Boyfriend: OMGWTFBBQ. I’ve now played through every possible ending. This game. Just…wow. It does an amazing and very weird job of bringing absolutely everything together. Go play it right now.

FFXIV: My Monday night raid group finally killed Bahamut, thus finishing the content that existed prior to the expansion. My Wednesday night raid group killed Bismark Ex this week. We were missing a few people and had to pug, so I’m looking forward to killing more things with my friends and FC mates instead of strangers.

WildStar: I’ve been doing a lot of dailies and running tons of shiphands as I work on my guides. My experiment to see how much money I make casually in one month is going quite well. I’ve made over 38 plat already since August 1. I have a few ideas of what to spend it on at the end of the month, but if you have any suggestions let me know! Right now I have enough glory to upgrade at least one item to a raid-quality piece, but I’m holding off because I don’t want to dish out the money to upgrade and rune it during my experiment.

That’s pretty much it for this week! There’s a few games I probably should have been playing (FFV I’m looking at you). I also was almost tempted to play some WoW since they sent me a 7 day trial. Fortunately I stayed strong and stayed away, mostly because I didn’t feel like re-installing it and also because the free 7 days expired before the expansion announcement hype.

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