I'm pretty sure this guy is sick of seeing me.

I’m pretty sure this guy is sick of seeing me.

I have a confession. I’m a CREDD addict. It started so innocently, I knew I was about to head into some tight financial times, so I saved up some plat and bought a couple CREDD as soon as I hit 50 and had access to that sweet sweet daily quest money. “Hooray! I can get through the next few months and not have to worry about the subscription cost,” I thought. Soon I had earned back all the plat I’d spent on CREDD, and was going happily about my business. “Oh I’ll just check the CREDD prices,” HAHA.

Fast-forward to today, and I have enough CREDD saved up to pay my subscription through April. The price has more than doubled since I bought my first one, but I still make about enough in a full week of dailies and my normal messing around to buy one if I choose to. I’m especially grateful for CREDD right now, when my play time is extremely limited. It’s hard to justify paying a sub in a month where you know you won’t get many hours of play time, but when I can earn enough in-game currency during normal play to subsidize my costs, then why not stay subbed? It turns the game into a fun stress-relief during a busy time, instead of either removing it or making me feel guilty for not playing when I’ve paid for it.

So why is CREDD on my mind even more right now? One word: Megaserver. I made the mistake of checking the price of CREDD on all the servers I have alts on. It turns out that my home server has the lowest price of any of them. So I snapped some up while the getting is good. I expect after the launch of the megaserver that the price of everything, CREDD included, will fluctuate quite a bit. I’m betting that when things stabilize the price of CREDD won’t dip back below my server’s current prices. If you’re on a server with low prices, you might consider getting while the getting’s good. Alternately, if you’re the gambling type and on a server with high prices, you could sell now and hope you can catch some for a bit cheaper on the megaserver. Or you could just avoid the whole thing and pay your subscription with real money like most folks.

I’ll just be over here, obsessively checking the CREDD market.

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