Alt Time!

Her cool blue pistols don't show up on the character screen :(

Her cool blue pistols don’t show up on the character screen 😦

My Spellslinger has been at 50 for a couple weeks now, so it is time to start working on an alt. Or 5. Seriously, I need more character slots, it is killing me that I have no room for Dominion alts on the only RP server. Anyhow, I thought I’d use this chance to introduce you to my alt stable, and maybe get some opinions on who should get the bulk of my attentions next.

I love the leafy hair

I love the leafy hair

Granok Medic Soldier – 16

This is my highest-level alt at the moment. I love the Granok character models, and especially how cute she looks in her soldier hat! I’m regretting the soldier choice a little bit though with this one, I’m worried the medic is going to have trouble finishing holdouts on her own. I like the gameplay of the medic but it definitely feels like it is lacking some of the punch of the spellslinger. Hopefully I get a chance to do some healing with her soon so I can see how that toolkit works. This lady is my technologist, and thank goodness I have a main that I can funnel cash and mats from because even at low levels tradeskills are expensive.

Needs a bigger gun

Needs a bigger gun

Mordesh Engineer Soldier – 14

She was the first alt I started leveling, but stalled out once she got her house. This might be my favorite character, looks-wise. I am going to have to make sure that any costumes she wears don’t hide her amazing hair. Engineer as a class feels pretty good overall, but those damn bots really know how to get into some trouble. Hopefully as the pathing/AI improves the overall fun of this class will also improve.

Can't contain the cuteness

Can’t contain the cuteness

Aurin Stalker Settler – 15

Adorable and deadly. I worked up the appearance of this one during beta and liked it so much I saved it and used it on live as well. She’s just a shiny silver fluffy angel and watch out because she will cut you. Usually I despise melee classes in MMOs, but stalker is pure fun. I’ve even been able to solo primes with this one, she can definitely hold her own in a fight. This might end up being my tank alt if I keep enjoying it this much. I have to say though, settler is by far my least favorite path to play. I love you other settlers, thank you for your buffs they are great, but I am not enjoying the “gather resources and build things” playstyle myself.

Someday Esper will be actually fun to play...

Someday Esper will be actually fun to play…

Aurin Esper Scientist – 9

The thing I like most about this alt is the insect-wing-ears. I really want to try esper healing at some point, but right now leveling this class is the pits. She’s going to stay parked until some of the mobility changes for espers get patched in. It is a shame because I really like the scientist path, and because in MMOs with less punishing movement requirements this class would be exactly what I want to play most. I’m looking forward to being able to level her without feeling frustrated all the time at the lack of mobility.

Mordesh Warrior

She’s blinking. And her sword doesn’t fit. It’s like she knows I don’t like her.

Mordesh Warrior Scientist – 6

Mordesh are awesome and look awesome, but I doubt there’s anything in the ‘verse that will get me to enjoy playing a warrior class in a MMO. It’s just not my style. I intend to give her the benefit of the doubt and get her to 14 at least. Mostly because I want the extra housing plot, but still it is giving her a chance. Maybe it will surprise me. I do feel that melee classes in WildStar are much more fun than other games I’ve played, since everything is a telegraph instead of targeted attacks. It helps equalize them a little bit more with the ranged classes.

So right now it looks like either the stalker or the medic will be the next to get leveled. I’m still waffling. Any suggestions, or comments on higher-level gameplay that might tip the balance? Let me know!

5 thoughts on “Alt Time!

  1. Level 24 medic, so not exactly “endgame”. I have to say that I’ve been pretty disappointed with medic dps, and it doesn’t look like changes are happening soon. My current technique is to put two heals on my LAS, and basically outlast and wear down the mobs (whereas with the slinger, I usually have one lousy heal on my bar because I kick the mobs down before I ever need it.) Apparently healing nerfs are in the future for medics, which seems unfair since the lack of range is already difficult enough.

    I, too, am waiting for the esper changes to go in before leveling that one again. I’m a bit afraid that once the changes to Esper go live, I’ll like it just as much as (or god forbid more than) spellslinger.

    • At 50 on the SS I have 1 heal on my bar, for topping off between fights. At 15 I already felt like I was just outlasting things on my medic instead of killing them. But there’s tons of folks with 50 medics who seem to do ok. I know I’ll level all 3 healing classes no matter what anyway 😀

  2. Initially I agreed with you that we need more character slots. But then I’d never get anything done! The toughest decision for me now that my Engineer is 50 is picking and an alt and sticking with it instead of bouncing around to all 5. I want to like my Medic more, but dps with him seems pretty bland.

    • I think after pvping with my medic last night that I am going to do quite a bit of her leveling that way. I’m going to have to do something to break up the monotony of doing the same leveling zones 6 times anyway!

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