Housing 101 – Housing Resources

Howdy friends! This week’s Housing 101 is less of a how-to and more of a where-to. I want to briefly discuss some great resources that I’ve been using for my housing needs.

First up is the ever-useful Jabbithole. This database-style site is angling to be your one-stop shop for finding out where things are on Nexus. The site is still a work-in progress on some fronts, so if you think it is useful and want to help out you can download the client and contribute data to help them improve!

Where can I get a rowsdower plushie? Check Living in WildStar!

Where can I get a rowsdower plushie? Check Living in WildStar!

Next on the list is Living in WildStar. I can’t say enough wonderful things about this site. The focus is just housing-related, and at this point I can’t live without it. Does the housing vendor sell something I can use to make a rope-swing? Check Living in WildStar. What does this decor I can craft look like before I waste mats on it? Check Living in WildStar. Which challenges have decor or FABkits as rewards? Again, Living in WildStar. Seriously go bookmark this site right now, I’ll still be here when you get back.

Finally we have a great blog with lots of addon reviews – To Boldly Nerd. Kadomi does an amazing job explaining how to use addons in WildStar and curating a list of really useful ones. I always find something useful when I stop by.

I’m going to leave you with a couple specific housing-related addons that I highly recommend.

The Visitor – When you’re at your house, this addon allows you to type someone’s character name in a search box and will teleport you to their house if it is public. No more hoping that the public house list happens to give you the cool house you visited last week.

Item Preview Improved – Does what it says – improves item preview. Now you can preview decor items that are on the auction house! This one is also great for fashion, since it lets you preview items that are not your armor type (but can still be used for costumes!).

Housing Decor Set Manager – I know I’ve mentioned this one before, but it is worth saying again. This addon allows you to take a “snapshot” of the decor you’ve placed at your house. This lets you remodel without fear, since this addon will place everything back just the way it was. Knowing that I can save my decor placement makes me much bolder in making changes at my house, since I can always “undo” by going back to a saved set with this addon!

That’s it for today. Have housing questions or suggestions for helpful websites or addons? Leave them in the comments!

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