Hints of the future


Not much to look at. Yet.

Not much to look at. Yet.

I will have a post up shortly trying to sum up my thoughts about headstart and “launch.” First though, I wanted to give you some news that dropped into my lap regarding some exciting upcoming housing additions!

Watching the WildStar countdown to launch Twitch stream I figured I’d ask one of my pet questions, about if it will be possible to get a guestbook for our house. Lucky for me and for you readers, Tony Rey actually chose it to ask, and the answer is they’re working on it! I am super excited about this, I think it will be great to be able to let folks know how much their hard work on their housing plots is appreciated.

The devs also talked a little bit more about the guild housing or “guild neighborhoods” which are also being worked on. It sounds like there will be new art assets for that, and that it is going to be huge! A few more housing tidbits from the stream include potentially being able to change the ground on your land (can you say snowy winter wonderland?), and there will be housing decor coming in the very first drop (content patch) coming out in a month or so!

The game is here. Our houses are for keeps now, go build your dreams!

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